Why Every Single Person You Meet Online is a Stranger

Recently HORRIFYING reports surfaced of a New Zealand man who travelled 3 planes and took a bus to arrive unannounced at the home  of a 14 year old girl he had been chatting with online. The teen had reportedly been trying to stop contact with the man, yet he decided to arrive at her home Unplanned. After Landing in the USA, He armed himself WITH A KNIFE AND DUCT TAPE AND WENT TO THE HOUSE.

Luckily the mother of the 14 year old was HOME, AND armed WITH A GUN. Despite warning the intruder of this fact, he still attempted entry to the home and was shot. This is a man who travelled 8000 miles for a 14 year old girl who he met on a  text and voice-chat app for video gamers called “Discord”.

discord-appAt Project Playbook, we teach kids and parents that absolutely anyone you meet online is considered a stranger. Aside from following that Playbook Rule, kids and parents should never under any circumstances provide their address information if a stranger asks for it online. Project Playbook handbook for kids teaches important internet lessons about privacy and safety in a visual way kids find interesting and fun. The adult version of Project Playbook for teens and adults outlines ways of talking to your kids about safety in a non-threatening, easy-to-understand manner, along with tips for you to always be safe online. 
In real life often it takes time to form true friendships – think school kids who are together every day, who eventually become friends.

It isn’t practical or recommended to ban your teen from using apps or online games; doing so only punishes them. Rather, educate your child on how to be the MOST safe online with Project Playbook. Young teens can benefit from the adult version of Playbook.

In Project Playbook, PR experts lay the rules out. Parents are empowered with a non-threatening guide to teach kids how to be smart online while using games or chat apps.

These are the same type of tips Public Relations companies apply to celebrities and athletes to maintain safety at all times.

Download a Playbook today and have this important talk with your teens!


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