Download A Playbook (Ages 7-15)

Download a version of Project Playbook for kids! Focuses on healthy lifestyle and relationships. Inspires and empowers kids using non-threatening concepts and language to understand how to be safe while online.

Download A Playbook (Ages 16 to Adult)

Download your own Internet Safety Playbook here! Learn the plays that the pros and predators use so you can formulate a great online offence and know the best digital defence to online scammers and trolls.

Book a Seminar

Project Playbook delivered in a one hour seminar. The program is tailored to audiences (kids, teens or adults). The seminar discusses stealthy tactics used by 'tricky people'... trolls, bullies and predators using the internet and the plays you can make to protect yourself at all times.

Why Is Project Playbook Unique?

A prominent actress who was almost ‘lured’ teams up with a technology intelligence expert to teach internet safety tips. Learn the 'plays' that tricky people use online, as well as 'plays' the pros use to safeguard themselves. Project Playbook teaches you to adopt an online language to be safe. Additionally learn 'languages' that tricky people use and understand technical ways of protecting yourself online at all times.

Your Playbook

Reference your Playbook in any online interaction. Your Internet Playbook provides valuable tips for anyone using smartphone technology or the internet. The Playbook is a helpful guide for parents, caregivers and teachers to keep a positive, empowering conversation going .

Download Your Own Playbook

Download and save your own up-to-date Internet Safety Playbook to reference at any time. Learn the public relations tips the pros use to stay safe online. Understand the tactics tricky people use to lure, scam, bully and troll and know what to do in any online situation.