The Origins of Project Playbook

Founded in 2017, Project Playbook is created by Theresa Longo and Matt Richardson, who met by chance when Theresa had an unsettling encounter with a stranger online. Theresa posted about the rude dude on Facebook, which began a conversation with Matt Richardson, Internet safety expert. She shared with Matt, a story of a time she was almost lured on the internet. The story is a powerful cautionary tale that all people, young and old alike, can learn from. Her tale inspired Matt to educate people even more, resulting in the partnership that is “Project Playbook”.

Theresa’s story offers a rare glimpse into the risks that people in the film and entertainment industry encounter. She provides real “insider” tips for using technology to build an image and brand while protecting your reputation, and staying safe. Theresa emphasizes the use of technology in a safe, responsible way. Matt’s background is from politics and government service. His specialized background gives him unique insight into online safety. Matt’s training includes experience in Open Source Intelligence, designing and delivering ‘internet and personal safety’ seminars. Matt applies his knowledge and experience of internet crime to Theresa’s story, using it as a case study pointing out critical junctures where lures and expert grooming techniques are introduced, highlighting “red flags for potentially dangerous people and situations, and offers tips and advice for being safe.

Project Playbook Founders Matt Richardson and Theresa Longo pose at a school launch of the program November 2017
Project Playbook is designed to inspire and empower rather than instil fear or anxiety. The seminar has been well received and in 2018 the first edition of the “Playbook” will be available. “The Playbook” is a resource that will be designed for parents to help keep children and teens safe online including; how to start the internet safety conversation, how to keep the conversation going in an open and positive way, teachable moments, red flags for potentially dangerous situations, keeping current with technology, how to get help, and more.
Seminars are available for children, teens, and parents. All seminars are designed to be age appropriate by making subtle changes to terminology and language. In addition; customized seminars are available for topics that include; sexting and sextortion, cyber bullying, human trafficking prevention, internet luring, grooming, and stalking, and more.
For help with questions or to schedule a seminar please contact Theresa and Matt at

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