Parents Be Aware! Omegle App Encourages Chats with Strangers

Attention all parents! A concerned parent has brought concerns around the Omegle app site to Project Playbook’s attention. The images below are telling! See the numbered list below for descriptions of each screen shot. 

  1. App strongly encourages users to chat with strangers. Many apps allow for this, but few encourage it so strongly. Online-Safety-Omegle
  2. The app website openly discloses that predators have been known to use it. Kudos for full disclosure but alarming that it happens with such frequency that there is a disclosure.
  3. A VERY large proportion of traffic to and from the app site originates from adult websites and dating services. So we know what is on the minds of a large number of users and it isn’t appropriate for children.
    omegele app

  4. In less than 1 minute in my first chat we are asked “r u interested in sex”?

5./ 6. In less than one minute on both chats Project Playbook is asked to disclose age and gender and invited to connect outside of the website (in one case a video chat, and the other user with a crude username an App named Kik). Purchase your own Playbook to learn exactly how to deal with these situations. Playbook is available for kids too! 

Unfortunately this is not unique and is similar to what Project Playbook experienced in many other chatrooms and messengers apps. However, it does show why it is important for parents to be engaged, educated; providing supervision and oversight in the digital age!

Learn the “Playbook” and safeguard yourself and your family today!

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