Logan Paul’s Missteps and Managing Your Online Reputation

Recently at Project Playbook we had a discussion about what to do if you intentionally or unintentionally witness disturbing online content. Being exposed to gruesome content can have an affect on even the most critical thinking, aware, adult human being. It can be jarring to have to try to reconcile troubling material online. Project Playbook gives you ‘plays’ to help.

If you encounter material that upsets you online, great plays (which can be found inside Playbook) are to STOP (viewing the material), BLOCK (the offending website or person) AND TALK (to someone you trust) about what you saw online and how it made you feel when you come across obscene material.

Always remember: STOP, BLOCK, AND TALK.

Reputation – What is it?

“reputation” is the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something.

Why does it matter?
The 48 Laws of Power emphasizes it best:
Much Depends On Reputation, Guard It With Your Life

It is almost near impossible to reverse damage to one’s reputation. General opinions and beliefs are almost irreparable when it comes to what other people think. The bonus of having a good online reputation translates to more potential revenues, better relationships and increased opportunities, including jobs.

Case Study: Logan Paul

Logan Paul
YouTube Vlogger Logan Paul facing backlash after uploading a video of a suicide victim hanging to Youtube while laughing about it with friends.
Had Logan Paul followed Playbook Advice for positive and professional posts and managing online reputation – he would not be in the situation he is in today. Losing thousands of Youtube subscribers, sponsors dropping off, and forever tarnishing his own moral character probably wasn’t worth the upload for Logan Paul. Project Playbook teaches parents and kids to upload positive, happy, professional posts, never mean or critical.
Always remember: Online Reputation is so important!

From a successful perspective, Logan Paul did not need to upload a disturbing, controversial video to YouTube to be successful and happy. Unfortunately for Logan Paul, the highs of his popularity, underlying greed for gain and thirst for attention have clearly caused irreparable damage to his brand.

Project Playbook ultimately cares about the safety and wellbeing of our readers. If you are in crisis now please call any of the crisis line numbers listed here or dial the local emergency telephone number in your area.

Project Playbook (officially available January 2018) teaches you the tips for crafting an online image as well as managing your personal experiences on the internet.

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