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“Project Playbook” is a specialized program designed to empower while teaching practical tips for staying safe online and in the real world! The Playbook is available in versions for kids or adults. Learn the 'plays' that the pros use to protect yourself whenever you or your children use the internet.

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Spot the red flags that tricky people use on the internet and learn additional pointers to keep you and your kids safe while online.

Meet the Founders

Professional actress and brand ambassador Theresa Longo has partnered with local internet safety consultant and CBS TV Internet Safety Expert, Matt Richardson to launch a new program entitled “Project Playbook”.

Project Playbook

Adults, teens and children are increasingly using internet technology, social media platforms, and apps that allow them to communicate with virtually anyone. “Project Playbook” is designed to acknowledge the reality that technology is here to stay and that it plays an increasingly prominent role in all of our lives. It also emphasizes that the positives of the internet far outweigh the negatives if it is used in a safe and responsible way. Playbook is highly complementary to Digital Citizenship and other related courses that are a part of school curriculums as well as the internet safety programs provided in schools. Project Playbook empowers children, teens and adults with positive messages that will inspire, rather than instil fear. Playbook builds confidence and a sense of self worth in children, coupled with practical lessons for using the internet in safe, positive, and responsible way.


Download Your Own Playbook

Keep your copy of Project Playbook handy to form a great defence and make your own plays to stay safe on the internet. Project Playbook's Internet Safety Playbook is available in versions for kids and adults. Know the 'plays' the predators use and avoid lures or scams!